The Mighty Zenith TV. The Show Where You are the Content

The Mighty Zenith TV Show

You are the Content

the mighty zenith (1)

Meet sTeVe Knauf,  of The Mighty Zenith.  It’s not just a big TV.  It’s a big TV set that drives around BRC and looks just like a 1974 Zenith TV console.   The 13 by 10 by 10 foot art car is a roving performance stage. When it’s at Black Rock City, the producers encourage everyone to join in on what may be a talk show one night, a game show another night, and a live stage in the daytime.  The producers have a motto that drives the show. It’s “You be the content”. Fantastic! Note that the end of the podcast is about 30 minutes talk about DIY plastics reuse on and off the playa.  

Links associated with this podcast

Updates: The Mighty Zenith on Facebook

Archived: The Big TV website

Photographs by Julia Bowerbank

Intro Music by Black Velveteen of the Airpusher Collective on Alkaline Podcast Episode A061

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