Everywhen Project, 2022

What happens when a collection of Black Rock Juplaya camps decide to fund art by getting permits and selling tickets?  

Meet the board of Everywhen Project, 2022 is working towards a week-long event at Black Rock Desert, 2022.  With over 2.5K members of their FB group, interest is growing and they are just getting started.  The board and the event grew out of camps regularly attending Juplaya at Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  With a passion for art, they developed a non-profit and a plan to obtain a permit for a ticketed event where a lot of the proceeds go to fund artists and their projects.  What is it like to get a larger event with permits, infrastructure, environmental stewardship and other important parts of a large, ticketed event.   Learn about how they are funding as much art as possible. 


Burner Podcast · Into The Fire: Everywhen Project, 2022

Links associated to the podcast:

Official website: 


Find their Facebook Group here


Graphic arts by Mike Parisi

Intro music from Duckman found on Soundcloud

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