Dave Keane talks about Paradisium, 2022

Last time Suz and Dave Keane talked, he and his crew were making The Folly in 2019 and Dave was lead builder of Temple, 2018.  Most recently, his crew is ready for their next big-art build called Paradisium, aka the Folly Forest.  We hear from crew member Paul Franke.  With 20-26 iconic trees making up a forest at Black Rock City in 2022, it’s meant to lose us in the art as we find all nooks and crannies and climb some of the trees in the forest.  The buzz about!  Learn about where it’s built, what is needed and how to help.  Even if you are not going to Burning Man this year, there’s plenty of fun volunteering for this art build currently in Oakland, California. The lovely Veronica, Folly Builders Project Manager, popped in at the end and introduced herself.  

Links associated to this podcast:

The Folly Builders website with info on how to donate and volunteer

Folly Builders Facebook page

Dave Keane talking about The Folly  at a Burning Man symposium in 2019

The Folly Build on Into The Fire podcast posted in 2019

Intro music by Duckman on Soundcloud

Photos taken by Dave Keane

Into The Fire and Burner Podcast are  not affiliated with the Burning Man Organization.  It’s just a podcast. 

Burner Podcast · Into The Fire: Dave Keane talks about Paradisium, 2022

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