Baba Yaga’s Book Club comes to BRC in 2018


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Who is Baba Yaga anyway? She is from Slavick folklore and lives in the forest in a hut that has chicken legs.  And her hut is coming to Black Rock City in 2018. Meet Sprocket, Art Lead for Baba Yaga’s Book Club. Her hut is full of surprises that incorporate the many stories that have been touched by Baba Yaga’s character.  Learn more about Baba Yaga and the city of Reno’s The Generator art space. If you like this podcast, share it with your friends so they don’t miss out on the two sides of Baba Yaga- the vile side that is terribly ruthless, and her benevolent side that shares wondrous gifts to the most worthy.  

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Vasalisa the Beautiful

History of Baba Yaga (internet goody)

Baba Yaga’s Patreon with pictures

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Original rendering created for this project by Matthew Schultz.

24 Hours of Mark Day in One Hour

24 Hours of Mark Day

in One Hour

You may know Mark Day from his online video content.  Starting out in 1997 – the early years, he donned a VCR and started shooting footage of his time at Burning Man.  Well all that is vintage now but it did spawn even more great, online video content. His latest years have been his “24 Hours of Burning Man”.  He talks about how he hope people love to watch his burn as much as he does.

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David Piller, Millenaissance Man & BRC Project Builder

Meet David Piller, aka “Piller” of the Playa.  He’s a self-proclaimed Millenaissance Man and Black Rock City project builder.  He talks about all the projects that he has worked on and what happened in his life that lead him up to his first project.  His outlook on all of this is if you don’t have a “Hell Yeah” feeling about a build project, then wait for one to come or look for it and the magic will come.   We talk about temple builds, Grand Canyon, Space Whale, hemp advocacy and hearing loss plus a whole bunch more.

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Photo by Tony Nolley


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Photo by Matthew Schultz

Elders of DUSTFISH

Join two incredible ladies of DUSTFISH as they talk about their  long-time success of their well-established camp that became a Village.  After learning and merging for three years as a Village, they will go back to being a camp to have more intimate bonds between noobies and fellow Fish.   Whatever form, they must be doing something right. DUSTFISH celebrates their 20th year on the playa! Camp elders, Opal Essence and sWitch, share their stories and what’s next for their 2018 live performance stage. Learn about GrassFish, a July family-friendly and off-playa lakeside campout.

Ladies of Dustfish5

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DUSTFISH on Facebook

Email Opal Essence at

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Graphic Art by Lila Baumont  

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The Lamplighters of Black Rock City

The Lamplighters

At Black Rock City

The Lamplighters light our way at night at Black Rock City.  We see them in the streets and now it’s time to get to know them more.  Did you know that they have a camp at 5:30 & Rod’s Road with a happy hour daily?  Stop by at 3pm to learn more about becoming a Lamplighter at Black Rock City. Listen to this podcast to learn more about how it’s all done with guest Loren Albrecht, Volunteer Coordinator for the Lamplighters.

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Introduction music by Tony K The Man in Pink from Pele’s Fire camp.  Its from Episode 043 of Alkaline Podcast at Burner Podcast.

Photo by JP Puerta on Flickr


Photo by JP Puerta on Flickr


Loren Photo (2)

Photo by Loren Albrecht


The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Tyler J Rivenbark & The Institute for Human Creativity — San Francisco, CA

Tree of Life2 (1)

Meet Tyler Rivenbark, Project Lead, for Tree of Life coming to Black Rock City, 2018.  This major art build will be 110 feet tall and will have a central atrium as the trunk that will invite participants to experience the wonders of the tree and reveal its story as we explore its interior and exterior.  Tyler talks both technically and esoterically about his project. The building stages are getting underway soon. and is one of this year’s BRC Honoraria Grant projects. This will not cover all of the costs so they are  looking for people to join their community and support this project. Learn how you can get involved and how you can contribute. The donations are tax deductible. As of March, Tyler is currently seeking to fill leads for departments such as graphic designer, marketing and brand strategist, videographer, construction and event planner.

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Human Creativity and their Tree of LIfe Project – Donate here.

Institute for Human Creativity

Thing From The Future (Unesco Futures Game we facilitated with Tom Laporte at the GLC)

Video on Cross Laminated Timber

Largest Wood Building — 70 stories over 1,100 feet being built in Tokyo

Social Media:  facebook page

Email Tyler at

Architectural rendering by Daniel Dobson, Architect

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The Solacii – A Sacred Space at Radical Ritual

The Solacii – A Sacred Space at Radical Ritual

 by Tigre Bailando & Anastazia Louise Aranaga


Join Super Suz while she talks with three artists who are related through their deeply creative practice as they talk about their art project called The Solacii.  It combines elements of immersive architecture, textiles and sound design.  The Solacii is a 21’ tall sculpture of an ancient mythical being with many hands and faces which opens its body as a womb-like sanctuary for participants  to use for meditation, intimate gatherings, and personal ritual.


Photography by Sari Blum

Artist Guests, Tigre Bailando and  Anastazia Louise Aranaga.  Also a guest, Gala Martíka Aranaga who created the sound design for The Solacii with F’kir Eldercake (mentioned).

Background music on this podcast sponsored by Alkaline Podcast Episode 41 with Trey Courtney of San Francisco.

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The Solacii 

Tigre Bailando

Bad Unkl Sista

Fundraising page

Burning Man Journal shares about The Solacii

Sari Blum Photography

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