Tex Allen is STILL Hugging America now with Church of Hugs


Tex Allen is STILL Hugging America now with Church of Hugs

tex allen hugs again2.png

Super Suz spoke with Tex Allen back in 2017 when he was preparing to embark on a campaign to Hug America.  We are checking in with him on how he has mission has stayed the course and yet has transformed over time. You are invited to answer the altar call of the First Church of Hugs.  Hugallujah! Also included – a great story about the most awesome sweater in the world.

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Photographs and Graphics courtesy of Tex Allen

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Rootpile Brings Bluegrass to Black Rock City

Meet Fixxer and Radar from Rootpile. They are two of the camp’s leads and talk about Rootpile as a camp,  a mutant vehicle and the home of Black Rock Bluegrass music from the south. At Rootpile, find acoustic music jams, a bluegrass museum, a mullet barbershop and musician workshops.  Wow, this camp is one to to check out next time you are at BRC. For now, check it out right here on this podcast.

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Radar and Fixxer, Photographer:  Elinor Fukuda

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rootpile cover2

Photography by Arno Gordal

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The Mind and Machines of Henry Chang

Meet Henry Chang who makes amazing mutant vehicles made of curved stainless steel. His Valyrian Steel car is 27 feet long, weighs 3 tons and is topped by a kinetic collection of spinning wheels.  Henry talks about his merging art with engineering and his home on the playa, Mirage Garage Camp. Catch his philosophy of art throughout the discussion that takes you on a little ride through Henry’s  mind.

henry chang2

Mueller (large) 1.5 megs

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Henry Chang website

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Video of Soul in the Machine

Mirage Garage Camp

Mutant Vehicle Owners Facebook Group

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Art Car photos by Peter Rupecht

Photo of Henry Chang by Laura Hansen

Bureau of Erotic Discourse

Get in B.E.D. with

Bureau of Erotic Discourse

From Black Rock City and Beyond

Bureau of Erotic Consent2


Photo by Donna Rae

Meet Ascher, volunteer at  B.E.D. Bureau of Erotic Discourse. It’s a group of volunteers that provide information about consent and other sexual health information so that you can get your sexy on and do it with mutual consent at Burning Man and beyond.  B.E.D. passes on the message that consent is sexy and FUN-da-mental. What does that mean? Find out on this podcast.Links associated to this podcast

B.E.D Facebook

Website: http://www.bureauoferoticdiscourse.org

You can access many publications in PDF form for your printing pleasure at http://www.dr-placebo.net/BED/

The Magic Lantern Society of BRC

Meet Monica and Rob of The Magic Lantern Society.  You just might find what you are looking for at the Magic Lantern, a beautiful, large tent of magic and enchantment.  It’s an intimate place on the playa where you can wear the bartender’s hat at the storytelling bar and listen to burners try to impress.  You never know what you are going to hear. Impressed?  Give a trinket. Not so much, give a stale peanut from the Jar of Disappointment.  We also talk about EBB and Glow Village and it has evolved over the years.

magic lantern society3.jpg

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Day photo by Monica, Night photo by Luc Asbury.

day time unscruze.PNG

Photo by Leori Gill (Halcyon not affiliated with this podcast.  He’s just stopping by The Magic Lantern Society at Unscruz, 2018)

The Great Train Wreck and ANAHAD

Super Suz goes to Reno and meets up with two great build crews that are bringing out great stuff to BRC, 2018.  The GREAT TRAIN WRECK is a shared project of the Sacramento and Reno Regionals. Expect to see two wood trains crashing into each other on Friday at 9 p.m.  They need help on Friday.  Burner, CNC,  tells us how to get involved in this awesome, spectacular burn.

There are two projects in this podcast and the second one is ANAHAD.  It creates sound from the desert wind.  Stefano Casati and couple of his crew members tell us about how it’s made and how burners can still contribute to this art build’s expense.  If you are involved in a civil or private arts commission for a windy city, then contact Stefano about placement after BRC.


From Beijing to Black Rock City, 2018 comes Desert Guard

From the Gobi Desert to the Black Rock Desert

Desert Guard3


Beijing Burner Club mingling with EBB and Glow Camp at Unscruz, 2018

Meet artist Ming Lu, the artist of Desert Guard or Fenghaizhen 风海镇  (pronounced ‘fung high gen’) as is its original Chinese name. Desert Guard is 49 ft high and weighs 12 tons of  heavy steel. With the support of the Beijing Burner Club, two members (Jay Chen and Martin Butz) you meet in this podcast, they ship it all the way from China’s Gobi Desert to Black Rock Desert, 2018.

Many of the art installation team have not been to Burning Man yet. Influenced by meeting burners who participate in their local communities both in Beijing and in San Francisco Bay Area, Lu and his installation team have been learning as they go.

Part of this podcast was recorded in early June and the second conversation was recorded at the end of July at a critical time with about 24 days before the BRC Build Week.   The extraordinary journey includes shipping from China, securing placement on the Playa, arranging a build crew for early setup, etc. How is he and his fellow crew members planning on pulling this off? With our help, of course! Are you in?

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Beijing Burner Club on FB


Photography by Ming Lu

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Bobzilla  from BMIR, Information and Music on the Playa



From BMIR, Burning Man Information and Music on the Playa

Have you tuned in to BMIR while pulsing in line to get in or out of Black Rock City?  Have you tuned in to find out about a looming thunderstorm or what’s happening on a Tuesday night in your city?  BMIR is Burning Man Information Radio, the BMORGS radio, with a collective of DJ’s and behind-the-tower volunteers who  provide information and music to the citizens of Black Rock City and burners worldwide. In this podcast, meet Bobzilla, Co-Project Manager at BMIR. He shares with us how burners can capture the essence of BMIR all year long.

bobzilla2 (1)

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Shouting Fire

Photographs by Eye Fl Eye

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The Golden Guy at Black Rock City

The Golden Guy at Black Rock City

A new destination hot-spot


Graphic by Graham Linn

You’re in the city of Black Rock City and you come across an unlikely scene: an alleyway straight out of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Golden Gai district. It’s full of tiny bars and micro spaces, each serving just a few patrons, each with its own unique theme and character.  Welcome to The Golden Guy. Established at Burning Man, 2017, Golden Guy Alley is loosely based on the neighborhood in Tokyo called “The Golden Gai”. I talk with MacGyver, aka Graham Linn, and Kitty, aka Elizabeth Jackson, about how Golden Guy is fostering community and deep conversation in small spaces.  

Golden Guy Alley3

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2017,  Introduction to Golden Guy

2017, video of BRC 2017 highlights

Photograph by Elizabeth Jackson

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Baba Yaga’s Book Club comes to BRC in 2018


Baba Yaga Book Club2.jpg

Who is Baba Yaga anyway? She is from Slavick folklore and lives in the forest in a hut that has chicken legs.  And her hut is coming to Black Rock City in 2018. Meet Sprocket, Art Lead for Baba Yaga’s Book Club. Her hut is full of surprises that incorporate the many stories that have been touched by Baba Yaga’s character.  Learn more about Baba Yaga and the city of Reno’s The Generator art space. If you like this podcast, share it with your friends so they don’t miss out on the two sides of Baba Yaga- the vile side that is terribly ruthless, and her benevolent side that shares wondrous gifts to the most worthy.  

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Vasalisa the Beautiful

History of Baba Yaga (internet goody)

Baba Yaga’s Patreon with pictures


Introduction music by Jaime James (The Beat Sentinals), guest of Alaline Podcast, episode A047.   

Original rendering created for this project by Matthew Schultz.